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Sergio Maruenda Bataller

Currently holds the position of Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Programmes at the School of Philology, Translation and Communication of the University of Valencia (Spain).
He is a senior lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the Institute of Applied Modern Languages and the Department of English and German Studies at the University of Valencia, with teaching and research experience for more than 15 years. His research interests have mainly focused on Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies (CADS) as applied to gender inequalities in socio-ideological texts. As a member of the research group Gentext, he specialises in the critical analysis of gender violence discourses in news media and has taken part in 5 funded projects that have involved expert international teams. 
Dr Maruenda-Bataller has more than 37 publications and 60 conference papers on such diverse topics as cognitive pragmatics, critical discourse analysis, digital media and, lately, on evaluative discourse and the linguistic (cross-cultural) representation of violence against women in news media. He has worked lately on the discursive news values analysis (DNVA) of news reports on gender violence and ethical reporting.

English words and phrases: an integrated approach
Fuster Marquez,miguel
Tirant lo Blanch · 14/03/2022 · Rústica
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