Human dignity and law. Studies on the dignity of human life

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On the 22nd of June 2018 a seminar
organized by RCC Study Group ¨Studies
on Life and Human Dignity¨ was held
at Harvard Law School (Cambridge,
Massachusetts). The seminar ?New
Challenges for Law: Human Dignity,
Transhumanism and New Technologies?
gathered well-renowned professors
from diff erent fi elds of science from
European and American universities.
A second seminar was sheduled to
take place at the same venue on June
23rd 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic
forced the organizers to suspend the
seminar at the last moment. The aim
of both encounters was to analyze and
study the concept of human dignity in
life and at the end of life, and some of
its manifestations and potential threats
in today?s world.
In the last decades, a spectacular
development in the diverse fi elds
of science, economy, trade and
communications has taken place in
society. These advances in human
progress, as laudable as they may be,
often do not eff ectively correspond
to parallel recognition of every man
and woman?s human dignity. In fact,
in many cases, this progress results in
a series of contradictions and possible
dangers and challenges. This book
brings together a selection of papers
presented at those seminars regarding
the big issue of human dignity and law.




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