Towards International Law of Democracy: A Comparative Study

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This book is a breath of hope in our time of threat to democracy. Alfredo Attié writes an original and profound study of the meaning of democracy and its historical construction by ingeniously establishing the link between democracy, international law and international relations. He is not afraid to introduce new operational concepts and to make proposals for the renewal of legal theory in general, and the theory of international law in particular. To this end, he applies a discourse and method that boldly link law, politics, and culture by revisiting the classic and most important themes of political theory. A landmark in the development of law and justice, this book will be useful to students and professors, experts and laypersons, and will help in the rethinking of the legal-political structures and practices of our time. From a perspective that elevates democracy not only in form, but above all, in substance to an international legal theme, Attié uses comparative, historical, theoretical, and practical perspectives in an original and stimulating combination.
Readers will find the style of a great author emerging on the international scene, with the pen of a jurist and the talent of a philosopher.

João Grandino Rodas,
Full Professor of International Law at the University of São Paulo - USP, of which he was President, having also been Dean of its College of Law. Executive Director of the Centre for the Study of Economic and Social Law - CEDES. Full Fellow of the São Paulo Law Academy.

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